Thursday, July 31, 2008

What I almost missed

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What I almost missed
Free Versing by TomC

I stare and I stare, into the morning fog wondering what I miss.
A peaceful farm in a green pastured valley perhaps.

An old farm tractor puttering along,
as it moves toward the pasture gate.
Cow's in the field grazing about.

A fresh gleaming river turning and bending, rushing to sea,
as it traverses over large rocks peeking through the surface.
I'll bet it's teaming with trout jumping about.
And in their waders, the fishermen, working their lines,
like strings on a fine musical instrument in concert they fly.

On the hill sides, I'll bet there are homes tucked neatly
into forested plots, with smoke coming out of their chimney tops.

Curse the morning fog. Look what I missed.

Bless the morning fog, there's what I missed,
God's Magnificent Glory covering it all.



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