Thursday, July 3, 2008


Historically speaking, punishment for crime has come in a variety of forms, but until most recently, one shared by most societies was public display. From the stockades to the guillotines, public punishments were events for all to see, serving as both deterrent and social gathering. At one time, it was common practice to imprison thieves and robbers in large iron cages, hung slightly above ground level for all to see. It was from this particular punishment that the word jailbird was coined.

Seems to me another good idea that is no longer practiced.

I saw on the news last night, where two burglars broke into a home around mid-day. They took a computer, some jewelry, and $16,000 in cash. In the process of rummaging through the the house they found a 7 year old and 12 year old hiding in a closet. They held the children at gun point while they finish ransacking the house. Thankfully the children were not hurt..

Now, what is someone doing with $16,000 lying about not even locked up and, more importantly, why were those children home alone?



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