Friday, July 25, 2008

Floating on Air

People Floating On Air

I am working on a new project for an online gallery showing, People Floating on Air. I need some folks willing to work with me on this fun project. Either as assitants or floaters.


  • No age limit
  • Available for 1/2 a day
  • Willing to sign a release
  • Located in the South Eastern Portion of Virgina.
You need not wory that your not athletic, agile, or going to get hurt. This is fairly easy for you to do and harder for me to photograph correctly. I will pick various locations for the shoot and am willing to pick you up for the shoot. This is a collaborative effort between you and I which makes it a lot of fun and unique to you.

Your reward:
My thanks and a memorable print suitable for framing, of you floating on air.

The following photos are quick and fairly easy shots I have taken and are intended to give you some idea of what I'm looking to do. The actual shots I want to do will be more creative and will take longer than the few minutes it took to create these.



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