Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quit Forking Around

As I get older, I found I have become more offended and sensitive to the amount of unfortunate use of foul language by others.

I find it everywhere, even when driving in the sanctuary of my car. Inevitable at some point, I stop at a light, a car pulls up and I hear it blaring out from a song that the driver thinks everyone in a 1 mile radius should hear. Oh Yeah......your kewl "You Stupid Basket".

How about when your in the mall with your children or grandchildren? You walk past a group of young folks and what do you hear? Cheese and Cracker you Stupid Forks, can't you see there are young children with me and your only teaching them how to use it when they grow up and your walking through the mall with your young ones.

I understand there are pressures in today's society to appear kewl, emphasize you anger in a shocking way, or to fit in, but come on, wouldn't a good curse phrased turned just a little bit, do more to highlight and emphasis your position, not to mention make you stand out among your peers and gain you a different kind respect. Think about it.

And finally, if you feel it's your right to offend, at least do it when there are not young ones around, "You Scrub Bag".

One day you will die and get to the heavenly gates, you don't want to have to wait at the front door for an eternity just because God is to busy having his attention draw to people who really aren't talking to him. OMG (oh my gosh) wouldn't that be just desert.

Here's how to fix the problem, If we could all learn to turn a phrase in a new light, we would stop perpetuating the use of foul language as it will become a dying and eventually lost language, as it should.

Some more suggestions:
  • Shazbot
  • Freck
  • Son of a Biscuit
  • Cheese and Rice
  • What the Fish
  • Son of Batches
How about you? Have a good alternative word or phrase? Leave a comment with your word or phrase and help change the world. Be sure to check subscribe to comments when posting yours to receive an email with the suggestions made by others.



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