Sunday, July 20, 2008

Talking to myself and feeling mad

I admit it. Free of quilt I yell it out. I have a habit of talking to my self!!! Today I was in the kitchen fixing a sandwich for lunch, I heard my self say out loud "toast that bread lazy.....go know you want to....stop being lazy and just stick it in the toaster". Not only that, guess what!!!! It wasn't my first time today. This morning I cursed at the coffee pot for taking it's sweet time brewing up my first cup.

Is that a giggle I hear coming from you? Come on, I know you do too. How many times have you shouted or made a comment directed towards the TV? How about this, "alright now, where did I put those keys". I know what you are say, I can read lips and yours are moving while your reading this, (and you didn't know you were doing that) another habit for another time. Talking to the coffee pot or TV is technically not talking to yourself, but still, if no one is around to hear you, aren't you basically just talking to your self. No one else is going to hear it!

We all speak to our selves at one time or another. You know I speak the truth. Admit it. Say it out loud. After all no one's around. Is it that we are embarrassed and worry that some one will think "Oh that person has emotional issues" or "poor lonely sole"? Well duh! Yes. Embarrassed is exactly why we don't tell people or admit that we do it.

There appears to be a preconceived social stigma associated with a person that talks to them self. This is because we all keep it quiet and don't admit we do it. Sort of like going to the bathroom in someone else's house. We don't want them to know that the loud burst of noise they hear, which is the body's natural reaction to an uncontrollable biological response to stomach gass, is actually coming from "ME"!!! Oh well, it does and you know it does. As my grandmother use to say, "better out than in".

The situation stinks, I tell ya!!!! Ok poor pun, I know, but it does. Talking to our self is just something that we do, so stop warring about it people. There are other things in life for you to worry about. Like, how the heck did George Bush get elected president and how do we prevent that from every happing again.

How about cell phones.......let us not spendtime worrying about who has lost their marbles talking to them self and let's put that wasted effort into doing something about all those telephone addicted cell users. You know what I mean. The ones who need to pay more attention to their driving, than who's got information or needs information you or they can't live with out, till you park.

Now wouldn't that be an accomplishment.

Note: I mentioned the Idiocracy of George Bush.......oops......I mean Presidency of George Bush. Tee Hee Hee In fairness to the idea of political balance, I leave you with the words of Jay Leno "the difference between Bush and Clinton is horizontal drilling"



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