Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shoe A Kid

Buy One Get One, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!! What kind of idiot do you take me for. Your sale only ticks me off. If you can afford to give one away at 1/2 price or free, then are you telling me that you have been over charging me for one all along. In the one case, charging half as much again and, in the second, twice as much. However, I'll give you that this may not be the case. In fact, it may just be that you are passing along a promotional savings from your distributor or manufacturer, (and yea right, don't tell me you didn't put an additional markup on that puppy) in which case we are both being screwed the rest of the year.

Now, when it comes to shoes, please make sure you state Buy One Pair Get One Pair (BOPGOP) Free or half price. You confuse my brain when I have to figure out just what you mean. Even with my poor math skills, I can figure out that one shoe at regular price and one free is no sale at all, and that you mean to imply pair. I can better use this time to deal with the frustrating process of deciding on a pair of shoes that are stylish, comfortable, have a good arch, not to mention the fact they must have a leather upper, which has a different meaning for me than you. (Don't ask, I'll keep that one to my own sick mind). Then I have to do it again for the second pair.....Oy Vay!!!

Now, try to understand I'm just a guy. All I need is a pair of shoes for play and a pair for work. Some how those two combinations never seem to qualify for the sale. I have tried moving the red, yellow, or green dots you put on sales items as qualifiers and a vicious head game, on to the ones I want, but never seem to get the magic combination right as it always gets rejected at the register. My grandmother has a better chance of writing a database program for me than figuring out your sales qualifiers. The other problem is that my shoes, like my underwear, don't get replaced until there is only a small remnant left. At the point which I most need replacements, there is not a sale to be seen. How did you know????

I'd rather buy a car from a shifty salesman than go to another Blue Light Red Dot Going Out of Business with Prices Never Before Seen or to ever come again except at next Tuesday's Senior Sale for those with AARP cards starting with the first three digits of the Julian Calendar date for that Tuesday.

At last, a great solution is now at hand.

Screw the sales. I'd rather put my money on a down payment for a ticket to heaven. And now I can. Next time I buy shoes.

For all you folks looking for a way to earn brownie points in the hereafter, or just because you're a nice person who goes around doing good deeds (Miss Noone I Know), instead of wearing yourself out in dizzying sales games, buy a pair of shoes from TOMS Shoes and do something good for the disadvantaged children of the world at the same time.

TOMS Shoes, a revolutionary idea inspired by an Argentine shoe with a hundred year history and the continent's poverty and health issues, TOMS was created with a singular mission: To make life more comfortable. TOMS accomplishes this through its ultra lightweight design and the company's commitment to match every pair purchased with a donated pair to a child in need...there are no complicated formulas, it's simple, you buy a pair of TOMS and the company gives a pair to a child on your behalf. The vibrant colors and patterns in the debut collection depict Blake Mycoskie's life changing experiences in his travels to South America where he embraced the lifestyle wholeheartedly and therefore gave back by creating TOMS - shoes for Tomorrow.

You can visit The TOMS Shoes web site here ->TOM'S SHOES (and you thought I was kidding).

P.S. If you have any money left, buy one of my Photos at TomC Online If you don't see one of my pieces that you have seen before and would like to have, just let me know. No BOGO hocus pocus here.



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