Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun with a Pineapple

I recently tried to help a friend with a photography exercise, that required she produce a photo highlighting the shape of a pineapple,   I was inspired by the challenge she faced.   I mean, how difficult can it be to photograph a pineapple.   Turns out, it can actually be quite a challenge. A pineapple has many shapes and textures that effect how light hits it and the dark deep shadows it can create.  In the end she did a great job with it, no thanks to my help.

Now it was my turn to see what I could do with the fruit.   I didn't want to focus on the shape. I instead wanted to present it in a way that was different while enjoying the challenge of over coming the problems of the deep nooks and crannies that play havoc with the light.  Once I purchased the pineapple, I quickly realized I wasn't sure what I would with it, to make it seem interesting.  Took two days to come up with something I liked.   Here are the results.

First attempt was to simply show the wonderful patterns that could be found on the fruit and foliage.  To do this I came in close to concentrate on a portion of the fruit.

Then I though, when you think Pineapple think tropical, so this time I  decided to show it with a tropical background.

I was not at all happy with the harshness of the light.   I added two lights, one on each side, slightly behind and shinning forward onto the sides of the pineapple and a soft light from the front point down onto the fruit and a reflective white surface down low and in front to bounce light up into the undersides of the leaves.   That produced this.   From a lighting perspective this was much better.

Next I wanted to do something artsy and different.  I added some cut up pineapple, put my camera on a very very slow shutter speed,  turned out all the lights, and using a small hand held flash light began painting light on to different parts of the scene and background.

This was more fun than I deserved.   I had a great time.
I'm such a fruit LOL



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