Friday, October 24, 2008

On Dining Out

Dining Out ~ A Photo Essay
Enjoying the Experience
Video and Photographs by TomC

Dining Out by Pamela Martin

Holding court in the back booth,
we stop talking each time
the waitress with blue eyeshadow
stops to tell us about her dying mother.
I wonder if she's got a Will.
Though it is most inappropriate,
I cannot stifle a laugh
because she reminds me
of Flo on that old show "Alice".
I wonder if she even has a T.V.
The juke box suddenly speaks,
thumping out the same depressing song
played for the third time
by the cab driver at the counter.
I wonder what the song reminds him of.
We hash out a new story idea,
accentuating opinions with
pointing fingers and slow nods.
No one bothers to eavesdrop.
I wonder if we're really here.



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